So, you want to move to Tulum, Playa del Carmen?

palm tree and vintage boat on a sandy beach in the Mexican Caribbean

Moving to Playa del Carmen, Tulum or the Riviera Maya

Today living abroad and moving to another country has become very attractive for many people, not only since the pandemic in early 2020. The Riviera Maya including Playa del Carmen and Tulum has been on the top list of Expat Destinations in Mexico for more than 3 decades.

Immigration from Europe, Canada, North and South America has transformed Playa del Carmen from a small fishing village into a cosmopolitan city with beautiful beaches and warm weather year-round. Tulum is on the rise for a few years and has become the go-to place for eco-chic hotels, sustainable developments, and eco-homes in the jungle.

But that is not all! Everyone who has lived or moved to the Riviera Maya will tell you that they love the lifestyle, its people, the beautiful beaches, the green jungle, and the relatively lower cost of living.

Live style in Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and the Riviera Maya

While the lifestyle in Playa del Carmen is a little different than in Tulum or for example Puerto Aventuras, all of the villages and cities along the Riviera Maya have the following in common:

Warm and sunny weather to enjoy the outdoors year-round! And yes, sometimes it rains and if it does, it rains heavily.

Beautiful stretches of white sandy beaches with calm turquoise water. Some Mexican beaches are very popular among tourists, but others are hidden treasures, and along the Riviera Maya are a lot of beaches to choose from!

Wonderful welcoming and warm people, local residents and expats alike, English is spoken everywhere!

Exceptional restaurants and fresh food everywhere, from local street vendors to traditional Mexican food, vegan restaurants, cuisine from all over the world like Germany, Israel, Italy, Canada, Argentina, India, you name it!

Beach bars with live music almost every day of the week – you want to meet people? You can do that any day of the week!

In need of a healthy lifestyle? Yoga, Salsa Dancing, Diving, Paddleboarding, Swimming, Snorkeling, Water Aerobics, Zumba, Tennis, Basketball, Running, Gym …. the options are endless and sometimes classes are for free!

A lower cost of living allows you to support the local economy by having a gardener or a maid or even a caretaker for an elderly person. But that is not all! Regular groceries, fresh fish, vegetables & fruits are cheap, rents, real estate, healthcare, and insurance, etc. are affordable as well.

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