Real Estate Boom, Reduced Prices & Buyer Opportunities in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

real estate opportunities tulum and playa del carmen

Playa del Carmen, Tulum and the entire Riviera Maya including Bacalar and Majahual are experiencing a Real Estate Boom since a couple of years now. But what does this actually means for you as buyer?

Let me show you, how you can take advantage of reduced prices from already existing quality Condos and Houses instead of buying new pre-sale condos, that are not finished yet.

While you will find almost every day new constructions and advertisements for new properties including Pre-Sale Condos in Playa de Carmen or Eco-Chic Houses in Tulum, it is hard for Property Owners, who enjoyed their vacation rental home in Playa del Carmen for several years, to sell. Why is that? And how can a buyer take advantage of it?

Several reasons. As a buyer you want a new property and you think condos and houses, that are existing since several years, are outdated and need remodeling. Wrong. New Construction does not always mean Quality! There are lots of timeless Condos in Playa del Carmen and Tulum, that can be updated inside with a new theme/decoration. You will be surprised how many unique properties are out there!

Condos and Houses that are 5 to 10 years old, have administrators that are up to date with the maintenance of the grounds like garden and pool, while new buildings still have to establish their owner association and find a good administrator.

New Constructions are usually smaller in size due to higher land prices, developer use similar materials, designs and concepts to make their product competitive etc. Existing condos in Playa del Carmen and Tulum can have very interesting layouts, huge spaces or magnificent views and perfect locations.

Also don’t forget: Real Estate Agents are Sales People, generally concentrating and driven by what sells. During a Real Estate Boom agents are getting pampered with free tours for their clients to showroom of projects under construction or parties, that celebrate sales numbers with wine and food. Master Broker appear and offer higher commissions for sales in their projects, give out high end brochures and can afford expensive software that offers virtual tours to their potential buyers.

This and other reasons make it so much more attractive to concentrate on what the market seems to demand and leads to price reductions on existing condos in Playa del Carmen to make those properties stand out from the new crowd and attractive to potential buyers. It is worth a look at those properties and compare them with the new pre-sale products. You will be surprised!

Playa Rentals & Sales has a large list of property owners who are interested in selling their condo or house in Playa del Carmen, they have enjoyed for many years. Most of them are not on our website or listed, so please ask if you are interested to receive those informal listings.

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