Neighborhoods of Playa del Carmen

neighborhoods of Playa del Carmen

Get to know the areas and long term rental prices

Center including downtown Playa del Carmen – East side of the highway from Playacar to the north end (around Calle 46)

This part of Playa del Carmen becomes more and more popular for vacationers & tourist that stay short term. Long Term Rental Prices have been on the raise for several years now. Owners get more return on their investment renting on a weekly base instead renting Long Term. A decent and furnished1 BR in the center of Playa del Carmen starts at 8,500 Pesos and can go up to 1500 USD or more, depending on size, amenities, age of the building, location within the center etc. A 2 BR can start as well as low as 12,000 Pesos, but can also go up to 3000 USD if you want to have an ocean view or elevator, gym and business center. Please take note, that there are hardly any houses in the center of Playa del Carmen. Most properties are 1 or 2 BR units, to find 3 or 4 BR properties is difficult.

Gated Gold Course Community of Playacar – south end of Playa del Carmen

Playacar is almost the size of the center of Playa del Carmen and is a semi gated community with all-inclusive hotels on the beach side, residential developments with houses and condominiums, a 18 whole golf course, a private school, and a newly build shopping mall. There is a public beach access for all its residents at the Reef Club Hotel.

Compared to the center, Playacar is very green with lots of trees and gardens and has a bike path where you can see people biking and running in the mornings or evenings. Playacar is a perfect area for families with children and pets, people who like it quiet and like the feeling of being in a suburban area. This is the only area where 2 or more BR houses are available, starting at 1500 USD up to 5000 USD or more. Condos start at 1000 USD and up. There is not public transportation available and taxis charge a higher fee, so most residents have a car.

Ejido – Westside of the highway

The Ejido has been growing in the early years of the development of Playa del Carmen without any regulations, that why you can find today a colorful mix of of antique Mexican Style houses, half-finished houses and newer buildings, local stores & fruit & vegetable markets, butchers, hardware & clothing stores, restaurants & small hotels & apartments. I love this neighborhood and own a small house with garden in Ejido Sur with fast access to a shopping mall and a 7 minute bike ride from the beach. Lots of expats are moving to this area, not only because rents in the center are getting more expensive, also to be more involved with the Mexican community.

Colossio – Calle 46 up to the northend of Playa del Carmen called Nicte Ha

Colossio used to be the neighborhood where you hardly would find expats or foreigners. This has changed today. More and more expats & foreigners are moving to this area, because of better rental prices and because you can find unique properties here. Since a couple of years developers have discovered Colossio and are building condos on the “New 5th Avenue” that was built from the Luxury Hotel, located at the far end of this neighborhood. Along the pedestrian walkway, new small restaurants & art shops are popping up.

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