Evass Restaurante – a hidden jewel on Playa del Carmen’s westside (Ejido Sur)

Excellent Breakfast! – Excellent Service! – Known only by Expats and Residents and few tourists!

Since I bought my house in Playa del Carmen in 2013 my neighbourhood has changed a lot and a few new restaurants, cafes and shops popped up, so did EVASS RESTAURANTE.

I love having breakfast there with clients and friends on a Sunday morning. I like, that the tables stand apart from each other, so you have more privacy than usual. The service of EVASS RESTAURANTE in Playa del Carmen is just excellent. The waiters always have an eye on you and know when you are ready to get a refill of your coffee or if you miss anything else.

The owners describe their cuisine:

„Born to create a space where coffee, food, warmth, good service and art come together to create an environment of an excellent level. An avant-garde and versatile idea in food and beverages, which we achieve by fusing some International dishes, creating a fusion cuisine with Mexican trends.“ 

100% recommend from me, my friends and many other expats. Great for breakfast and lunch and probably for dinner as well (I never had dinner there, only breakfast).

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