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The few times I was very sick in Playa del Carmen I remember very well. I had a great support system of friends who delivered food to my house, or took care of my dog and cats and suggested the right doctors  for me. Playa del Carmen, Tulum and the Riviera Maya have great private healthcare with dedicated professionals for almost any health problem you can have. Today I want to introduce you to Nurse Valeria who has been around for years providing excellent service to the community

Meet Nurse Valeria

Canadian Registered Nurse BSN with over 16 years of experience and licensed in Mexico. Nurse Valeria has diverse experience in the operating room, post-operative care, geriatric and palliative care. Now she works mainly in home care and providing IV Drip Therapy Treatments. Her expertise leads her to accompany the patient during different stages of their life and to allow them to regain stability and fulfillment. The patient, considered at the center of her priority, actively participates in their care process. Nurse Valeria will guide her patients through their personalized care plan to achieve optimum health goals. Nurse Valeria provides comprehensive care to the patient whose state of health requires specific techniques and knowledge of medical procedures. She administers all care as an art, as such, she constantly seeks to ensure the well being, recovery and quality of their life.

English, French, Spanish | (+52) 984 593 81 28 | nursevaleria.com.mx

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