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Immigration Service for foreigners in Playa del Carmen, Tulum & the Riviera Maya


How to get your working visa as a foreigner and how to get your permanent residency card as a retiree for Mexico

Learn about the different types of visas available for foreigners and get to know the best Immigration Specialist in Playa del Carmen

Most foreigners enter Mexico with a tourist visa that is valid for up to 180 days. But what if you want to stay longer or even move permanently to Playa del Carmen or the Riviera Maya?

People have different needs and there are different options available for staying legally in Mexico. An Immigration Specialist is the right person to talk to. They are not only always up to date with the current immigration laws in Mexico, but they also know how to work with the local immigration office in Playa del Carmen, they speak Spanish and are able to understand the bureaucratic gibberish of the immigration laws and notifications.

Immigration Services in Playa del Carmen: help and necessity for everyone who does not speak Spanish

It is important to talk to an Immigration Specialist to figure out what is the best residency visa option in Mexico for you, as there are different types and different requirements.

We are happy to connect you with the Best Immigration Specialists in Playa del Carmen with many years of experience that are highly recommended and trusted, send us an email at info(at)playa-rentals(dot)com and we will provide you their contact information.

Here is just a brief overview:

Temporary Residency (valid 6 months to 4 years).

This option can be the right option for everyone who has a certain amount of savings in the bank or gets a certain amount of pension/salary from another country every month. If you own Real Estate in Mexico it can be a good option for you as well or if you want to invest in or start a Mexican Cooperation. You also will get a Temporary Residency if you start working in Mexico for an employer that has permission from the government to hire foreign workers. When you have a child that as born in Mexico, or you have other family bonds with a Mexican, you also can obtain this type of residency.

So you see that there are different options to get the Temporary Residency in Mexico and it is important to speak to one of the Immigration Specialists in Playa del Carmen to figure out what is the best and easiest visa option for you, especially as part of the immigration process already starts in your country and will get finalized here in Playa del Carmen‘s local immigration office.

Permanent Residency is a lifetime residency and a one-time process to obtain it. If you have a Temporary Residency you will obtain the Permanent Residency after 4 years, but you have to apply for it. And again, suitable for all foreigners who can prove that they have a certain amount of savings in the bank or can prove that they get a certain amount of pension/salary from another country every month, or own Real Estate or are doing business or are working in Mexico.

For more info please contact us at info(at)playa-rentals(dot)com

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Certified nurse care from Playa del Carmen to Tulum


The few times I was very sick in Playa del Carmen I remember very well. I had a great support system of friends who delivered food to my house, or took care of my dog and cats and suggested the right doctors  for me.

Playa del Carmen, Tulum and the Riviera Maya have great private healthcare with dedicated professionals for almost any health problem you can have.

Today I want to introduce you to Nurse Valeria who has been around for years providing excellent service to the community

Meet Nurse Valeria

Canadian Registered Nurse BSN with over 16 years of experience and licensed in Mexico.

Nurse Valeria has diverse experience in the operating room, post-operative care, geriatric and palliative care. Now she works mainly in home care and providing IV Drip Therapy Treatments. Her expertise leads her to accompany the patient during different stages of their life and to allow them to regain stability and fulfillment. The patient, considered at the center of her priority, actively participates in their care process. Nurse Valeria will guide her patients through their personalized care plan to achieve optimum health goals. Nurse Valeria provides comprehensive care to the patient whose state of health requires specific techniques and knowledge of medical procedures. She administers all care as an art, as such, she constantly seeks to ensure the well being, recovery and quality of their life.

Nurse Valeria

English, French, Spanish

(+52) 984 593 81 28

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Escrow Services for Playa del Carmen, Tulum & the Riviera Maya


How Escrow Service protects your Real Estate Investment in Mexico

If you are about to purchase Real Estate in Playa del Carmen, Tulum, or elsewhere in the Riviera Maya you need to know that your downpayment will be in a safe place. The very best way to ensure this is by using Escrow Service.

Playa Rentals & Sales® works with well-established Escrow Services companies with lots of experience in the entire Riviera Maya.

Through a financial agreement between buyer and seller, the Escrow Service company holds temporarily the funds from the buyer that are used for the real estate transaction. The Escrow Service company is a neutral, third party and only acts when both parties have fulfilled their obligations written out in the escrow agreement and purchase contract.

Benefits of using Escrow Service in Playa del Carmen

Security: the seller has the assurance that the buyer is committed to the purchase and can take the property off the market. The buyer is protected because his money is held in a neutral place until the signing of the title/deed.

Safety: both, buyer and seller are ensured that payments are only disbursed after both have fulfilled their obligations written out in the purchase contract.

Efficiency: funds are disbursed from one account according to the written instructions by the buyer and seller, usually on the day of signing of the title/deed at the notaries office.

Confidentiality: Personal data is protected and handled according to the local laws/regulations

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Do you need Airport Transfer from Cancun airport to your property or rental condo?


We are here for you and can connect you with the best transfer companies for Playa del Carmen, Tulum & the Riviera Maya. We use them personally if we need to travel to visit friends & family and we love to support local businesses. Email us and we are happy to forward your request.

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Things to do & see in Playa del Carmen, Mexico


To live in a place like Playa del Carmen is fantastic. You can enjoy the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, you can go on a snorkel trip, go fishing or diving, you can visit ancient ruins of the Mayan civilization or you can ride a horse on the beach. There are so many fun things to do! And there is not only Playa del Carmen to discover, there is the whole Riviera Maya and the Peninsula of Yucatan with the Cities of Merida, Valladolid, Izamal, Progresso etc. Take a look at my recommendations for fun things to do in Playa del Carmen and read about my trips throughout the area.

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Vacation Rentals in Playa del Carmen, Mexico


The Riviera Maya, including Playa del Carmen and Tulum, offers a variety of Vacation Rental options from small boutique hotels to Airbnb rooms or entire Beach Villas.

Those options are a good alternative for those who are not coming with a package deal (flight & hotel).

Spend unforgettable vacations in the Riviera Maya, Mexico, and Playa del Carmen. There are Vacation Rentals for different budgets and lifestyles. Playa del Carmen with its beautiful white beaches offers water activities like snorkeling, diving, or fishing, but also Mayan Ruins like Tulum and Chichen Itza and a lot of other things like fun excursions, international and Mexican restaurants, great shopping opportunities, and exciting nightlife on famous 5th Avenue. Spend your vacation in Playa del Carmen or Tulum and discover this beautiful area of Mexico.

Check out the provided links to find an accommodation or feel free to contact us.

Search Tulum

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Real Estate opportunities in Playa del Carmen, Mexico


Real Estate Investments are not only the safest investments compared to other investment options, but they are also the most common ones. Millions of people around the world are buying homes in their own country to avoid paying rent in future years, to pass on a property to their children or grandchildren, or to build up equity for their retirement. All of these people have one thing in common: they are smart real estate investors.

Investing in Real Estate in a foreign country like Mexico and especially in a constantly growing area like the Riviera Maya with the beautiful beach towns like Playa del Carmen, Tulum or Mahahual can get you more for your money. Prices for Condos, Houses, and Land are usually cheaper than in your home country, and often your property grows faster in value over time. Playa del Carmen, Tulum, the Riviera Maya & the Yucatan in Mexico are very interesting Real Estate Markets. The Riviera Maya is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world, receiving 25 million tourists per year (2018). Playa del Carmen and  Tulum are located in the Mexican Caribbean with beautiful beaches, turquoise water, and the market does not depend on only one nation. The Riviera Maya has buyers from Mexico, Canada, the United States, Europe, and many other countries. Playa del Carmen, Tulum & the Riviera Maya are a cosmopolitan area where you find safe investment opportunities.

Mexico, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and the Riviera Maya are also becoming more and more popular for retirees seeking a destination with warm weather, good infrastructure, and low cost of living. According to the Magazine International Living, Mexico has more than 1 million North Americans living in their country and it is the most popular place in the world for retirement. Join and enjoy a retirement you deserve!

I invite you to have a look at all our MLS Real Estate Listings for Playa del Carmen, Tulum and the Riviera Maya in Mexico and we are happy to assist in finding your perfect property in Playa del Carmen, Tulum or elsewhere in the Riviera Maya. Because we are long-term residents & expats, we have access to all listings available and are very well connected with all other local real estate agencies and real estate agents in Playa del Carmen and Tulum. We can show you all properties. We are as well a state-certified real estate agency with state-certified agents.

Guide to Real Estate in Mexico

View All MLS Real Estate Listngs in the Rivera Maya


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