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Immigration Service for foreigners in Playa del Carmen, Tulum & the Riviera Maya


How to get your working visa as a foreigner and how to get your permanent residency card as a retiree for Mexico

Learn about the different types of visas available for foreigners and get to know the best Immigration Specialist in Playa del Carmen

Most foreigners enter Mexico with a tourist visa that is valid for up to 180 days. But what if you want to stay longer or even move permanently to Playa del Carmen or the Riviera Maya?

People have different needs and there are different options available for staying legally in Mexico. An Immigration Specialist is the right person to talk to. They are not only always up to date with the current immigration laws in Mexico, but they also know how to work with the local immigration office in Playa del Carmen, they speak Spanish and are able to understand the bureaucratic gibberish of the immigration laws and notifications.

Immigration Services in Playa del Carmen: help and necessity for everyone who does not speak Spanish

It is important to talk to an Immigration Specialist to figure out what is the best residency visa option in Mexico for you, as there are different types and different requirements.

We are happy to connect you with the Best Immigration Specialists in Playa del Carmen with many years of experience that are highly recommended and trusted, send us an email at info(at)playa-rentals(dot)com and we will provide you their contact information.

Here is just a brief overview:

Temporary Residency (valid 6 months to 4 years).

This option can be the right option for everyone who has a certain amount of savings in the bank or gets a certain amount of pension/salary from another country every month. If you own Real Estate in Mexico it can be a good option for you as well or if you want to invest in or start a Mexican Cooperation. You also will get a Temporary Residency if you start working in Mexico for an employer that has permission from the government to hire foreign workers. When you have a child that as born in Mexico, or you have other family bonds with a Mexican, you also can obtain this type of residency.

So you see that there are different options to get the Temporary Residency in Mexico and it is important to speak to one of the Immigration Specialists in Playa del Carmen to figure out what is the best and easiest visa option for you, especially as part of the immigration process already starts in your country and will get finalized here in Playa del Carmen‘s local immigration office.

Permanent Residency is a lifetime residency and a one-time process to obtain it. If you have a Temporary Residency you will obtain the Permanent Residency after 4 years, but you have to apply for it. And again, suitable for all foreigners who can prove that they have a certain amount of savings in the bank or can prove that they get a certain amount of pension/salary from another country every month, or own Real Estate or are doing business or are working in Mexico.

For more info please contact us at info(at)playa-rentals(dot)com

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Know the main areas of Playa del Carmen


Playa del Carmen Real Estate

Here is a small overview on the main areas of Playa del Carmen.

Center including downtown Playa del Carmen – East side of the highway from Playacar to the north end (around Calle 46)

This part of Playa del Carmen becomes more and more popular for vacationers & tourist that stay short term. Long Term Rental Prices have been on the raise for several years now. Owners get more return on their investment renting on a weekly base instead renting Long Term. A decent and furnished1 BR in the center of Playa del Carmen starts at 8,500 Pesos and can go up to 1500 USD or more, depending on size, amenities, age of the building, location within the center etc. A 2 BR can start as well as low as 12,000 Pesos, but can also go up to 3000 USD if you want to have an ocean view or elevator, gym and business center. Please take note, that there are hardly any houses in the center of Playa del Carmen. Most properties are 1 or 2 BR units, to find 3 or 4 BR properties is difficult.


Gated Gold Course Community of Playacar – south end of Playa del Carmen

Playacar is almost the size of the center of Playa del Carmen and is a semi gated community with all-inclusive hotels on the beach side, residential developments with houses and condominiums, a 18 whole golf course, a private school, and a newly build shopping mall. There is a public beach access for all its residents at the Reef Club Hotel.

Compared to the center, Playacar is very green with lots of trees and gardens and has a bike path where you can see people biking and running in the mornings or evenings. Playacar is a perfect area for families with children and pets, people who like it quiet and like the feeling of being in a suburban area. This is the only area where 2 or more BR houses are available, starting at 1500 USD up to 5000 USD or more. Condos start at 1000 USD and up. There is not public transportation available and taxis charge a higher fee, so most residents have a car.


Ejido – Westside of the highway

The Ejido has been growing in the early years of the development of Playa del Carmen without any regulations, that why you can find today a colorful mix of of antique Mexican Style houses, half-finished houses and newer buildings, local stores & fruit & vegetable markets, butchers, hardware & clothing stores, restaurants & small hotels & apartments. I love this neighborhood and own a small house with garden in Ejido Sur with fast access to a shopping mall and a 7 minute bike ride from the beach. Lots of expats are moving to this area, not only because rents in the center are getting more expensive, also to be more involved with the Mexican community.


Colossio – Calle 46 up to the northend of Playa del Carmen called Nicte Ha

Colossio used to be the neighborhood where you hardly would find expats or foreigners. This has changed today. More and more expats & foreigners are moving to this area, because of better rental prices and because you can find unique properties here. Since a couple of years developers have discovered Colossio and are building condos on the “New 5th Avenue” that was built from the Luxury Hotel, located at the far end of this neighborhood. Along the pedestrian walkway, new small restaurants & art shops are popping up.


If you have any questions about Playa del Carmen real estate, please write to us, we are happy to help.

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5 Tips to find the perfect Long Term Rental in Playa del Carmen


Not knowing the town and neighborhoods, nor the particulars of the culture, and probably not being able to speak enough Spanish makes it hard, confusing, and time-consuming for everyone looking to rent in Playa del Carmen, Tulum & the Riviera Maya.

How can you find a rental property in Playa del Carmen? Where to look? Where are the best locations to live? Who can help you, to find a Long Term Rental in Playa del  Carmen?

We at Playa Rentals & Sales® want to share the best tips we have gathered through the years of experience in Renting and Selling in the Playa del Carmen & Riviera Maya Real Estate Market.

  1. Start looking online and browse through sites that advertise rentals. This will give you a good overview of what is out there, for what price, and in which neighborhood. Take notes of what you like and have a look at our maps to get familiar with the different areas. Feel free to send us a screenshot or link to units you found online and we are happy to check if they are real and existing, as many advertisements are permanent listings.
  2. The Long Term Rental Market in Playa del Carmen is hot and fast. Availabilities are changing almost on a daily base. What was available yesterday is rented within a few days. Most owners & their property managers do not want to hold a unit for a potential tenant. That is why we start searching 14 days before your arrival or rental date. That is enough time to find a list of available properties.
  3. Come to Playa del Carmen and stay in a hotel for 2 nights if you can and choose a Long Term Rental in Playa del Carmen when you are here. We do not recommend renting for 6 or 12-month sight unseen or from pictures if you are new to Playa del Carmen. It is also recommendable to use our expertise. We know many properties and we know the good and the bad about almost every building and neighborhood. We will search for suitable Long Term Rentals in Playa del Carmen for you before your arrival and will show you properties while you are staying in the hotel. 2 or 3 days with showings are enough and you will be able to make a good choice.
  4. Best times to look for a Long Term Rental Apartment in Playa del Carmen are February, May, June, and September, although there is always availability year around. The worst times are December & January because of Christmas and New Year Vacations. Easter in March/April is also not a good date. Sometimes the Summer can be a little difficult as well.
  5. If you have the chance to be in Playa del Carmen before your move, get familiar with the areas you consider staying in. Walk around, take notes of street names and take photos of advertisements. Don’t worry if you are not able to speak Spanish, or if you do not have time to call, we will take care of this, just send us your notes.

We hope this information gives you a little more clarity about this exciting step you are about to take. If you want to know other aspects to study, we invite you to read our Real Estate Guide Moving to Mexico.

If you have any questions about renting Long Term in Playa del Carmen, please write to us, we are happy to help.

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Playacar online Magazine July 2020


If you miss Playa del Carmen, the Riviera Maya here we have something for you!

Enjoy the July Magazine from Playacar, the exclusive resort area in Playa del Carmen where you can find world-class beaches, luxury condos, and family homes among all-inclusive hotels and a golf course.

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5th Avenue Playa del Carmen


Drone Video from 5th Avenue Remodelation in Playa del Carmen

This is a great video showing a lot of Playa del Carmen along 5th Avenue from south to north – it shows the remodelation of Parque Fundadores and 5th Avenue during Covid-19 Lockdown. The opinions about this project among the citizen of Playa del Carmen are split. Some think it is important for tourism to modernize part of the town, others think it comes at a very bad time as available funds during a pandemic should be used to benefit directly the citizen of Playa del Carmen.

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Facelift for 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen during Covid-19


Playa del Carmen is using the Covid-19 time to modernize part of 5th Avenue and introduces a modern facelift for the area around Parque Fundadores, Iglesia del Carmen, and the Maya Portal (Avenida Juarez and 5th Avenue).

I love, love, love that new look!

Good News as well: More trees will be planted!

What do you think about the new look? Leave us a comment at our Facebook Page.

Modern 5th Avenue remodelacion de la 5ta Avenida en 2020
5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen Mexico


Playa del Carmen está utilizando el tiempo Covid-19 para modernizar parte de la 5ta Avenida y presenta un a nueva y moderna cara alrededor del Parque Fundadores, la Iglesia del Carmen y el Portal Maya (Avenida Juárez y 5ta Avenida).

¡Me encanta, encanta, encanta el nuevo look!

Buenas noticias también: ¡se plantarán más árboles!

¿Qué te parece el nuevo look? Dejanos un comentario en nuestra pagina de Facebook.

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New way of dialing within Mexico and to Mexico


Starting Aug 3rd Mexico changed the way to dial within the country and also to Mexico from a foreign country. Mexico is moving to 10 digit dialing in Mexico and outside of Mexico.

BEFORE you dialed (+52) 1 for mobil and 10 digits

NOW you only dial +52 plus 10 digits

To call me at Playa Rentals & Sales you simply dial

+52 (984 135 41 29)

The plus indicates your country international calling access

Have a look at this graphic as well


new 10 digit dialing Mexico

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New hours for selling alcohol in Playa del Carmen, Tulum and the entire state of Quintana Roo


New alcohol law in effect.

Starting February 10th of 2019, you can‘t buy alcohol after 11.00pm in convenience stores (Oxxo, 7-Eleven etc.) and supermarkets (Mega, Chedraui etc.) in Playa del Carmen, Tulum and the entire state of Quintan Roo. According to the new law the sale of alcohol for wineries, liquor stores, sub-agencies, mini supers, self-service stores and convenience stores is only allowed from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Monday to Saturday and on Sundays from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

What about bars, clubs and restaurants?

Last call for those establishements will be as well 11:00pm, but they can apply for a permit to sell until 3:00am for an additional fee. For restaurants, bars and open establishments that offer alcoholic beverages, the schedule will be from 11:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. Monday to Saturday. On Sundays it will be 11:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.


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