5 Tips to find the perfect Long Term Rental in Playa del Carmen

Not knowing the town and neighborhoods, nor the particulars of the culture, and probably not being able to speak enough Spanish makes it hard, confusing, and time-consuming for everyone looking to rent in Playa del Carmen, Tulum & the Riviera Maya.

How can you find a rental property in Playa del Carmen? Where to look? Where are the best locations to live? Who can help you, to find a Long Term Rental in Playa del  Carmen?

We at Playa Rentals & Sales® want to share the best tips we have gathered through the years of experience in Renting and Selling in the Playa del Carmen & Riviera Maya Real Estate Market.

  1. Start browsing through our platform and search for long term rentals, short term rentals and vacation rental properties advertised from property owners, real estate agents, property managers and rental agents. This will give you a good overview of what is out there, for what price, and in which neighborhood. Compare properties, save searches and get in touch directly with all advertisers upon registration.
  2. There is often a lack of Long Term Rental availabilities in Playa del Carmen and Tulum, especially in the winter months and holiday season. Availabilities can change than on a daily basis. Properties available yesterday are usually rented within a few days. Most advertisers do not want to hold a unit for a potential tenant many month in advanced, not having a real guarantee the tenant is actually showing up.
  3. Best times to look for a Long Term Rental Apartment in Playa del Carmen are February, May, June, and September, although there is always availability year around. The worst times to find a long term rental are December & January because of Christmas and New Year Vacations. Easter in March/April is also not a good date. Sometimes the Summer can be a little difficult as well.
  4. If you consider moving to the area, we highly recommend checking out neighborhoods and areas before you commit to a longer term. We hear from a lot of people relocating, that Playa del carmen is a good start to stay for 6 month and explore the area within that time frame to find your perfect forever spot!
  5. Our platform contains more information, see for example our Tentant FAQs.

We hope this information gives you a little more clarity about this exciting step you are about to take. If you want to know other aspects to study, we invite you to read our Real Estate Guide Moving to Mexico.

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